Oct 10, 2015

Shrooms: An Experience

Submitted by Anonymous.
Featured on Volume 3

My psychedelic trip took place at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. My friends and I wanted to take mushrooms together and spend time at Oleta State Park in North Miami on the Saturday after finals. As the day grew closer, I began to reminisce on the times I did shrooms with my friends in high school. Many of my psychedelic trips in those days involved my friends and I walking through our neighborhood, hiking in nearby forests to lose ourselves in nature, having hour-long conversations, and building forts for us to lay in and watch the stars.

That was years ago. This time I wanted my experience to be different. I’ve learned a lot more about myself since that last trip and have entered an entirely unique period in my life.

On an early Saturday morning, we all gathered our backpacks and drove to Oleta park to begin our journey. On our way to the park, my friend R told me he was a bit nervous since he had never taken psychedelics before. I comforted him and told him not worry. I empathized with him because I remembered how nervous I was the first time I took shrooms. I told him to remain calm and think of mushrooms as watching a really visually intense movie. “You won’t die or do anything crazy, you’re just going to see a lot of beautiful things that you’ve never seen before!” He smiled a little because this was comforting to him.

We placed the mushrooms in a hamburger before we get into the car and munched on them, so that by the time we reached the park we could begin to feel it. As soon as we arrived to Oleta, we ran into the forest and began our journey.

After walking several miles into the forest, we encountered a mountain bike trail that branches off further into the woods. As we trekked to the entrance of the woods, we started to feel rain drops hitting the top of our heads. At this point, I began to feel the effects of the shrooms because every rain drop felt like it tickled the top of my head, and the sensation spread throughout my body.

Soon the rain turned from a light drizzle to a heavy shower, which intensified our highs. My friend R twirled around in circles with his mouth open in complete awe of what he was seeing. He then ran underneath a tree, pulls out his sketchbook and begins to sketch the world through his eyes. While watching him from afar, suddenly it began to look like someone turned up the saturation setting on Photoshop, because the trees and even my friend’s faces appeared extremely vivid and powerful. It’s almost like I went from watching a 480p video to watching a 3-D movie in high definition. I slowly turned towards the sky and observed how the wind blew towards me and gently rustled the trees, which then made all the water droplets bounce off of the vibrant green leaves and brought them rushing down toward my face.

Once the rain slowed down, we continued along the trail and found ourselves walking alongside a river. As we gazed at the river, the rain poured down on us. The first time the rain poured down on me I felt as though each droplet was vibrating through my body, but this time I felt as though I was being washed away with the rain. We sat down under a shady tree near the river so we could still have a good view. While we sat under the tree, my friends and I started talking about everything. Family, school, life, girls, our troubles, the past, the future. We weren’t even looking at each other at this point because we were so mesmerized by the movement of the water.
At one point, we stopped and looked at each other with the same thought in our minds – we grabbed our bathing suits and ran into the river.

“I felt as though each droplet was vibrating through my body.”

The second the water got in contact with my body, time slowed down dramatically. I jumped up as the water rushed over me and I felt my worries and stress wash right over my head. My feet began to sink into the sand at the bottom of water. Each tree that swayed with the breeze displayed a crystallized composition of multiple shades of green. Every time I turned my head, it was as if Mother Nature was revealing her secrets to me. We couldn’t help but look up at the sky, describing the constant color changes of the horizon and the forest. Even though the 3 of us were seeing different things, it was as if we were watching the same movie but pointing out the things we missed.

When the fervent wind made a loud noise, we matched our breath to the sound of the wind.

After spending some hours in the water, we all jumped out to see what else Mother Nature had in store for us. We wandered back through the forest laughing and shouting about the mind-blowing visual adventure we were embarking on. After walking into random rails and open spaces in the woods, we arrived back at the camp’s entrance which was not too far from where we last left our things. Near the entrance we noticed the beautiful beach which we rushed past when we first got back to the park. The beach was beautiful, the coconut trees and sea grass lining the dunes reminded me of the hidden tropical gems that Miami has to offer. My friends and I sat neck deep in the beach water staring into the river’s abyss, watching as the clouds danced above our heads. We didn’t speak. We barely moved. Words weren’t needed because we knew we were feeling the same exact stillness within ourselves. Before we knew it, the sun began to set. The different shades of purples and pinks mixed in with yellows and oranges revealing the most enchanting sunset I had ever seen in my life.

Night began to fall and as the day ended, so did our trip. What started out as a day filled with rain, nervousness, and uncertainty ended in euphoria, stillness and one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever witnessed.

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