Nov 30, 2015

Volume 3: [Unedited] Eve & Nature Photo Series

This photo series was coordinated by Brian Rivera and photographer Oscar Valdez during the planning of Awake Volume 3: Experiences back in May 2015. 

The goal was to capture imagery that would visually interpret the experiences of Volume 3’s stories. A few of the photos served to capture the essence of the articles quite successfully, whereas the rest of them remained unused. Below we compile the most deserved of these remaining photographs that merit a viewing of their own.

Models: Natalia Montana-Mora, Victoria Rein, Camille Annette Cortes.

On the theme of sustainability, this ongoing series will express a nature exploited by man, and ask the question: how do we use and interpret nature? How can we improve that bond? As architects and designers, we have developed a profound relationship with materials in nature. Improving this union between man and nature is essential to the survival of humanity and our planet. In this part of the series, Eve & Nature explores the girl and her relationship with nature. She is not lost; but similar to a child receiving a toy for the first time in his life, she is left pondering the uses of a natural world that has eluded her.

In the end, there is a mutual relationship. In harmony with nature’s blossoming effects, the girl is at peace.

Featured on Volume 3.


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